Every September, as the new semester comes, the news always report some talented people who get to the university at the early age, such as a 14 years old boy was accepted by the top university. A lot of young people played the joke that they couldn’ t let their parents know the news. People are so surprised by these young talents, wondering about these people must be born with high intelligence. Indeed, there are two factors that decides intelligence. One is the genes. Some people get the high IQ from their parents. There is no doubt that inheritance takes the important part in deciding if a person will be smart. The other factor is the learning environment. A person can complete himself by constant learning. A good learning environment helps a person to gain knowledge and make great achievement. 
每年9月,随着新学期的到来,总是有新闻报道一些有才华的人年纪轻轻就考上大学,比如一个14岁的男孩被知名大学录取了。很多年轻人就开玩笑不让他们的父母看到这个新闻。518彩票网址 518cp cc大家都很惊讶于这些年轻人的才华,他们想知道这些人是不是天生高智商。事实上,决定才华有两个因素,一个是基因。有些人从他们父母那里得到高智商。当然,遗传因素在决定一个人是否聪明上起了主要作用。另一个因素是学习环境。518彩票网址 518cp cc一个人可以通过不断学习来完善自己。一个好的学习环境可以帮助一个人获得知识、造就伟大的成就。