Donald Trump has landed himself three nominations for the 39th Golden Raspberry Awards.


He's scooped two Razzie nods for 'worst actor' and a third for 'worst screen combo', all three coming for his appearances in the documentary movies Fahrenheit 11/9 by Michael Moore and Death of a Nation by Dinesh D’Souza.

淘宝 网赚qq群特朗普两次获得“最差演员”和一次“最差荧幕演员”提名,三项提名都来自参演的纪录片电影,一部是由迈克尔·摩尔导演的《华氏911》,另一部是丹尼斯·苏斯的《亡命国度》。

D'Souza's pro-Trump movie has also been nominated in the 'worst screenplay' and 'worst remake, rip-off or sequel' categories, the latter thanks to its (almost) namesake, the notorious KKK propaganda movie The Birth of a Nation from 1915.


The US president will be vying for the ‘worst actor’ gong with Johnny Depp, for Sherlock Gnomes, Will Ferrell for Holmes & Watson, John Travolta for Gotti, and Bruce Willis for the Death Wish remake.


Both First Lady Melania Trump and presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway are also up for ‘worst supporting actress’ for their appearances in Fahrenheit 9/11.


It's not even the first time that Trump has been nominated for a Razzie.


Back in 1991, he appeared as himself in the ill-feted romantic crime fantasy comedy Ghosts Can't Do It with Bo Derek.


For that role, he scooped a nomination for 'worst supporting actor'.

淘宝 网赚qq群这部剧帮特朗普拿下“最差配角”提名。